Dedicated to the memory of Nuala Flynn

This site is a tribute to Nuala Flynn. Please feel welcome to leave any photos, memories, or tributes. 

The Funeral Service

The funeral service is at Wanstead Quaker Meeting House on Friday 17th January, from 11:00-12:00.

After celebrating Nuala's life together, family and close friends will then go to the Crematorium for an intimate committal, and rejoin everybody at the reception. 

The reception will be held in the function room at The Birds on Leytonstone High Road, from 12:00-5:00pm an 8 minute walk from the Quaker Meeting House.

We will be self-catered and will welcome any gifts of food for the reception. Please contact Aoife with suggestions (so we don't have too much of the same thing).

We╩╝re raising funds to honour Nuala's life work by supporting people who are living with the impact of institutional abuse in Ireland. Please visit to make a donation.

Thank you,

Nuala's Family.


17th January 2020 at 11:00 am Wanstead Quaker Meeting House Friends Meeting House Bush Rd Wanstead London E11 3AU
17th January 2020 at 12:00 pm The Birds 692 High Rd Leytonstone, London, E11 3AA


We knew each other for only three and a half years but we certainly covered alot of ground in that time. Sharing so many common interests and viewing the world through a similar lens, I am deeply grateful for the all the time we spent together in Galway, Belfast, Tuam Letterfrack and London and for the many hours we chatted on the phone. Our time together was precious and I'll continue to draw from that deep, enriching source in future days. Thank you for your wisdom and compassion Nuala and for always asking the difficult questions. Your legacy with Irish survivors of religious institutional abuse will continue to grow🌱 Love ya Nuala. Your soul sister, Sadie💜
Sent by Sadie on 19/01/2020
I was so sorry to hear of Nuala's death, and sorry to miss her funeral yesterday (I am up in the Scottish borders visiting an old friend). I only got to know her within the last year. We had some long talks at the most recent Ecopsychology Gathering in 2019, and I attended a Dream Day she ran subsequently, which was a wonderful experience. She had such a relaxed yet serious and down to earth presence. I had hopes of attending her ongoing Dream sessions but it was not practicable. I was shocked to hear she had died, I was looking forward to further contact, and surprised to find she was one month younger than me. I would like to know much more about her work with institutional abuse in Ireland, as well as more generally. I also have Irish connections and existing relatives, though less direct. I write to send wings of love and care to those who were close to her, and for whatever mystery her spirit now meets. And hope to meet or connect with others who knew her sometime. from my heart Marion (Winslow)
Sent by Marion on 18/01/2020
Nuala It must be almost a lifetime ago since our paths last crossed but you will never be forgotten. You were one of those rarest of individuals - a genuinely good person - whose warmth and compassion were so wrapped up in who you were - inseparable. In my minds eye I remember you with the same expression your mother had and in the pictures people have posted I see her in you, rest well, Graham
Sent by Graham on 18/01/2020
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